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Case Study

We Increased a SaaS Firm’s Campaign ROI by 225%

The SaaS firm wanted to acquire a greater market share with its integrated platform that helps businesses connect their data, applications, and devices across environments. But as competition increased, it got difficult for them to hold their market share.

They wanted to focus on acquiring and retaining more customers. Thus, they chose to partner with a lead generation company that could help them acquire more leads and close more deals.

We Helped a Fintech Company Promote Their New Solution

The fintech company launched a platform to facilitate the buying and selling of unlisted, pre-IPO, and privately-held shares.

They wanted to build awareness about their new platform but found it challenging to identify and target their ideal buyers across industries. That’s because they had such a huge audience group – everyone interested in investing.

We Helped an HR Tech Company Increase Signups to Their Platform

The client developed an innovative HR solution designed to streamline and automate HR processes for businesses.

Despite their efforts to reach high-level resource management professionals via infographics, whitepapers, and ebooks promotion, and outreach from their in-house marketing team, they were unable to drive new signups and introduce their solution effectively.

We Helped Revolutionize the Sales Pipeline of a VoIP Leader

The client wanted to expand their niche but the traditional marketing approach of cold emailing and cold calling didn’t help them. They could only generate low-quality leads, which reduced their overall conversion rate and resulted in a drop in their campaign ROI.

We helped the client boost their sales pipeline with high-quality leads using our account-based marketing approach. We delivered only leads that had shown interest in their communication hub and were ready to make a purchase.

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