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We Helped an HR Tech Company Increase Signups to Their Platform

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Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

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Vice President of Human Resources, Vice President of Payroll, Director of Payroll, Director of Human Resources, Head of Payroll, Human Resources Manager, Payroll Manager

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The client is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to help businesses streamline their HR operations. They created a powerful human resource and payroll and talent management software solution to help companies of all sizes manage their entire employment cycle.


The Challenges This HR Tech Faced

The client developed an innovative HR solution designed to streamline and automate HR processes for businesses.
Despite their efforts to reach high-level resource management professionals via infographics, whitepapers, and ebooks promotion, and outreach from their in-house marketing team, they were unable to drive new signups and introduce their solution effectively.
They generated a handful of downloads and a few leads that were still far from closure.
In light of these challenges, the client decided to outsource their lead generation services and found a reliable partner in us. They briefed us about their ideal target accounts and the USPs of their HR solution.

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Our ABM Campaign Highlights

  • We used an account-based marketing approach to run a three-month MQL campaign for the client.
  • We leveraged content syndication to build awareness about the client’s innovative HR solution and introduce its payroll and employee management features in the best light.
  • We helped improve the client’s brand recognition and build trust in the minds of their targeted accounts. This helped us attract new MQLs for the client and boost their conversion rate.
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How We Grew Their Platform Signups by 180%

We, at Magefunnel, understood the client’s struggle to reach and engage high-level resource management professionals to introduce their new HR solution. We decided to meet this goal through a personalized, account-based content syndication approach.

For this, we followed the strategy below:

Created an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

We enquired about the target location, industry, company size, and job profile of their ideal HR solution users. This helped us narrow down the campaign’s target audience database to about 80K contacts, who fit their ICP.

Segmented Content to Attract and Engage These Accounts

We created different types of content to engage accounts from different industries and through different channels.

Generated and Filtered Leads That Showed Interest in Their Product

We launched personalized email campaigns to engage targeted accounts belonging to different industries, including finance, education, and IT. This helped us drive interested leads to freshly created and optimized landing pages and increase the number of content downloads.
Alongside this, we also reached out to them by syndicating relevant content on websites and channels they frequent. This helped us identify prospects who showed interest in using an HR solution to streamline their employee management processes.
We then nurtured these leads through emails. Using insights from our automation tool about each account’s activities and engagement behavior, we were able to filter leads with higher conversion potential.

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Our Campaign Results

Successful Examples of Generating and Converting Sales-Qualified Leads
Measuring Account-Based Marketing Success

We successfully syndicated informative and explainer content pieces on multiple channels to build awareness about the client’s innovative HR solution.

We generated 3025 marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) for the client, which helped them increase their platform signups by 180%.

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