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We Increased a SaaS Firm’s Campaign ROI by 225%

Campaign Type



Email Marketing & Telemarketing

Target Location

USA, UK, Australia

Target Size

100 - 5000

Target Industry


Target Audience

CTO, CIO, VP (IT), Director IT, Head of IT, IT Manager

About the

The client is a successful software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that has gained recognition in its industry. They created an integration platform that helps businesses connect their data, applications, and devices across on-premises and cloud computing environments.

The Challenges This SaaS Company Faced

The SaaS firm wanted to acquire a greater market share with its integrated platform that helps businesses connect their data, applications, and devices across environments. But as competition increased, it got difficult for them to hold their market share. They wanted to focus on acquiring and retaining more customers. Thus, they chose to partner with a lead generation company that could help them acquire more leads and close more deals. That’s when they found and hired us for qualified lead generation.

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Our Campaign Highlights

  • We used an account-based marketing (ABM) approach to run a lead generation campaign for this SaaS firm.
  • We identified and delivered a list of best-fit accounts that match the persona of their ideal customers.
  • We helped the client engage, nurture, and acquire only highly-qualified leads with a greater conversion and retention potential.
Leads Generated
0 %
Boost in ROI
0 %
Conversion Rate

How We Delivered These Results

We, at Magefunnel, focus on prioritizing quality over quantity when it comes to lead generation. Our primary strategy to help the SaaS firm achieve their goals was to identify and deliver highly-qualified, sales-ready leads with greater conversion potential.

To do this, we followed the strategy below:

Created an Ideal Customer Profile for the SaaS Firm

We asked the client about their target audience’s location, industry, and interests, and created an ideal customer profile (ICP) based on these details. This persona helped us qualify lead accounts that matched their ideal customers.

Segmented the Prospects’ List

We categorized all prospects into different segments based on where they were in their buying journeys and their behavior while interacting with the brand’s messaging.

Reached Out to Prospects with Relevant Messages

We leveraged an AI-powered tool to deliver personalized messages to prospects in every segment through email, social media, and the web. The messages were kept relevant to their interests and sent at an optimal time to increase user engagement.
The prospects also received a quick link to get in touch with business development executives to help the SaaS firm close deals faster.

Developed a Script to Identify Leads with a Purchase Intent

We developed a communication script that helped us evaluate each prospect based on four key elements: budget, authority, need, and timeline. This helped us qualify the best-fit accounts/leads for the SaaS firm.

Leads Generated
0 %
Boost in ROI
0 %
Conversion Rate

Our Campaign Results

Moving Beyond the Top of Funnel: Nurturing Leads into Mid-Funnel HQL

Magefunnel experts helped the SaaS firm generate 165 HQLs in three months and, thereby, close more deals.

With our sales-ready leads, the SaaS firm was able to grow their conversion rate to 180% and boost their ROI by 225%.

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