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We Helped Revolutionize the Sales Pipeline of a VoIP Leader

Campaign Type



Email Marketing & Content Syndication
(ABM Approach)

Target Location



250 - 2000

Target Industry


Target Audience

Information Security Manager,
VP (IT Security), Information Security Director, CTO,
and all titles with Telephony

About the

The client launched an innovative SaaS platform to revolutionize the way businesses communicate with consumers. Their cutting-edge technology offers seamless, smart connectivity with cloud-based telephony and home security.

The Challenges This VoIP Leader Faced

The client wanted to expand their niche but the traditional marketing approach of cold emailing and cold calling didn’t help them. They could only generate low-quality leads, which reduced their overall conversion rate and resulted in a drop in their campaign ROI.

That’s when the client decided to hire a lead generation company that can help them attract and nurture high-quality leads. And they, eventually, found us.

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Our Campaign Highlights

  • We successfully generated 1075 valuable leads using the ABM approach.
  • We identified the right contacts and created new sales opportunities for the client to help increase their conversion rate and campaign ROI.
  • We delivered a list of the best-fit target accounts for the client, which helped boost their conversion rate by 170%.
MQLs Generated
0 %
Increase in ROI
0 %
Increase in
Conversion Rate

How We Delivered a 210% Increase in ROI

We helped the client boost their sales pipeline with high-quality leads using our account-based marketing approach. We delivered only leads that had shown interest in their communication hub and were ready to make a purchase.

With this, we were able to increase their campaign ROI by 210% and their conversion rate by 170%.

Here are the steps we followed to deliver high-quality leads to the VoIP client:

Created an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for the Client

We asked the client about their target audience’s industry, income, and demographics. This helped us create a personalized marketing strategy based on their audience’s needs and interests.

Leverage Lead Scoring System

We monitored every user’s activity and assigned a score to each lead based on their activity. This helped us understand where each user is in their buyer’s journey and let go of prospects that didn’t sound interested.

Reengaged Leads Who Showed Intent of Purchase

We engaged leads with positive behavior using personalized emails and newsletters. We specifically used content that they can relate to, both in the emails and on the landing pages that the email redirected them to.

Delivered Qualified Leads to the Client

The landing pages we designed, helped us confirm the prospect’s interest in the client’s communication hub. We matched their profiles with the client’s ICP and delivered the qualified leads to their CRM.

Leads Generated
0 %
Increase in ROI
0 %
Increase in
Conversion Rate

Our Campaign Results for the VoIP Leader

Using MageFunnel to Optimize B2B Lead Nurturing and Follow-Up

Magefunnel experts delivered 1075 qualified leads in three months to boost the sales pipeline of the client.

With our leads, the client was able to increase their conversion rate by 170% and their overall campaign ROI by 210%.

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