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Maximize Growth with Data-Driven B2B Demand Generation

Attract sales-ready leads with our data-driven B2B demand generation strategies. We ensure that your lead generation efforts are focused and effective, delivering measurable results and a high ROI.

Revenue-Driven B2B Lead Generation
Mastering the Lead to Opportunity Ratio for Sales Growth

Attract B2B Decision-Makers to Your
Sales Pipeline !

Close Deals Faster by Directly
Targeting the Decision-Makers

Take advantage of our B2B tech audience. We’ll help you unlock your full business potential by giving you access to B2B decision-makers who hold senior C-suite titles and designations.
Strengthening Your B2B Sales Funnel with Our Tailored Solutions
Leveraging MageFunnel services to Generate High-Quality B2B Leads

Generate Demand and Attract High-Quality Leads

We’ll help you attract the B2B buyers you need to make sales. This includes engaging senior B2B professionals from our database of leads connected through content syndication, webinar registrations, email subscriptions, Slack and Discord communities, and podcast viewership.

Prioritize Prospects with an Intent to Purchase

We use advanced data analysis and targeting techniques to identify and prioritize prospects with a high intent to purchase. This ensures that you only put in efforts to nurture and convert the most promising leads, maximizing your ROI.
Key Metrics for Evaluating B2B Customer Journey Effectiveness

Why Choose Us ?

With a proven track record of delivering measurable results and a strong return on
investment, Magefunnel is the trusted partner for B2B sales teams across the globe.
With us, you’ll be able to:

Get Leads with an
Intent to Buy

We guarantee genuine leads with real purchasing intent. You’ll only get qualified and verified leads. No bot engagement.

Building Trust through GDPR Compliance

Design GDPR-Compliant
Landing Pages

We help you design landing pages that are fully compliant with all GDPR policies. You’ll get leads’ data with consent.

Attract Buyers From IT
and SaaS Companies

We have built a B2B audience database with active closed communities on platforms like Slack and Discord over the years.

Convert Leads Into
Sales Faster

With relevant, on-point messaging and marketing strategies, we deliver sales-ready leads and a higher conversion rate.

Case Studies

Discover how we have successfully helped our clients reach and engage high-value accounts ,
nurture them through the sales funnel, and, ultimately, convert them into loyal customers.

We helped a SaaS firm generate 165 highly-qualified leads and close deals to boost their campaign ROI by 225%.

We leveraged our proven ABM-based content syndication tactics to generate marketing-qualified leads for an HR tech company.

We helped revolutionize the sales pipeline of a VOIP leader using our account-based marketing strategies.

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

Trust real results from our real clints. See how we helped
them meet their lead generation goals and drive growth and revenue.


How does the pricing work?

Our B2B lead generation agency offers two pricing models. The fixed model is perfect for businesses that need ongoing marketing services and want to budget their expenses. Our pay-per-lead model is ideal for businesses that are looking for a more performance-based pricing structure.

How long will I take to see results?

As one of the best B2B lead generation firms, we understand our client's needs. Still, effective B2B campaigns take time to build and optimize. We advise our clients to run their campaigns for a minimum of 4-6 weeks to see visible results in conversion rates, open rates, click rates, and more.

Is there any minimum campaign budget I need to put in?

At our B2B marketing company, we work with businesses of all sizes and budgets. While there is no minimum campaign budget you are required to put in, we typically encourage our clients to invest a minimum of $3000-$5000 to see meaningful results from their B2B marketing campaigns.

What happens if the lead doesn’t get qualified or goes non responsive?

We take pride in delivering vetted, verified, and high-quality leads. yet, there may be instances where a lead does not get qualified or goes non-responsive from the client's end. In such cases, we encourage clients to provide feedback on the lead quality so we can adjust our targeting and messaging strategies.

What do I expect from the leads of each funnel?

Top-of-the-funnel leads are simply marketing qualified leads (MQLs). These leads need to be given to the marketing team to further nurture before calling them. Mid-funnel/HQLs and SQLs, on the other hand, have a higher sales readiness and can be called upon by the SDRs.

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