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We Helped a Fintech Company Promote Their New Solution

Campaign Type



Content Syndication

Target Location

USA, Canada, Australia

Target Size

100 - 5000

Target Industry

BFSI, Insurance and Banking

Target Audience

CFO, Finance Director, Finance Manager,
Procurement Manager, Director of Procurement,
Senior Procurement Specialist, Head of
Procurement, IT Director, IT Manager, VP &
President of Technology

About the

The client is a fintech company that helps investors with pre-IPO and late-stage technology investments at reasonable minimums. Their platform allows investors to diversify their portfolios, invest in new opportunities, and discover price trends and other insights.

The Challenges This Fintech Company Faced

The fintech company launched a platform to facilitate the buying and selling of unlisted, pre-IPO, and privately-held shares.
They wanted to build awareness about their new platform but found it challenging to identify and target their ideal buyers across industries. That’s because they had such a huge audience group – everyone interested in investing.

The client decided to outsource lead generation and that’s when they found us.

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Our Campaign Highlights

  • We helped the client build awareness about their new platform and how it can help investors.
  • We created new opportunities for the client by attracting and engaging people who’ll likely need their platform.
  • We ran a three-month MQL campaign for the client and delivered 3540 qualified leads to fuel their sales pipeline. With our leads, they were able to boost their conversion rate by 78%.
MQLs Generated
0 %
Increase in ROI
0 %
Increase in
Conversion Rate

How We Delivered 3540 Marketing-Qualified Leads

We understood the client’s need to expand their market and find ideal subscribers for their fintech platform. Based on their product awareness-building goals, we leveraged an ABM-based content syndication strategy to deliver top-of-the-funnel leads to them.

Here are the steps we followed to deliver high-quality leads to the VoIP client:

Created an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for the Client

We asked the client about the demographics, interests, industries, and job positions of their target audience. This helped us understand their ideal buyer personas and tailor our campaign strategy for them.

Amplified the Reach of Their Content

We drafted a multi-channel content distribution and syndication plan to educate people about the fintech company’s new platform and introduce how it can simplify their investment journeys.

Targeted Investors Willing to Use Technology to Their Advantage

We identified prospects who showed interest in content similar to the client’s and reached out to them with information about the fintech solution. Other than syndicating content on channels they frequent, we also tried to engage them through emails and social media.

Narrowed Down the Targeted Audience Based on Their Interaction

Our AI-powered automation tool helped us track each prospect’s interaction with the client’s content across channels. We leveraged this data to filter leads based on their engagement levels and interest in the client’s fintech solution.

Engaged and Nurtured Promising Leads

We engaged and nurtured the qualified leads (that had shown interest in the first contact) with personalized emails and messaging. This helped us further filter leads that were actually interested in the client’s platform.

MQLs Generated
0 %
Increase in ROI
0 %
Increase in
Conversion Rate

Our Campaign Results

Innovative B2B Demand Generation Campaigns
Geotargeting for B2B Lead Generation

We helped the client build awareness about their new fintech platform and generated 3540 marketing-qualified leads for them.

Our qualified leads helped the client boost their conversion rate by 78% and enjoy a 220% increase in the campaign ROI.

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